Tribus was actually founded in year of 2007, but in the first we started the band it was called Aerials. The member of Aerials it was Bagus - Lead Vocal, Dimas - Guitar/Backing Vocal, Arya - Bass, and Yudha - Drum. We are an high school mate band, that like a same kind of music genre, and in this early band we’re covering rock genre band likes System of a down. We also perform in every single show like an high school music competition, and in variety music show in café like Nirvana Café, Classic Rock Café, Iguana Café. In order of 2009 the band was break up, because one of our member have a plan to move out from current place Jakarta, so we totally didn’t jamming the gigs anymore.

After a long time the band had ‘vacuum’, in October 2010, we plan to have a band ‘reunion’ with the same member, and with the same kind of music genre too, but we have a more specific genre that is an Alternative Rock genre we choose. And in this time we decision to have another name that’s called Tribus, in the greek language that’s mean ‘three’, and we name it so because we just have three member in the beginning of this band. The Band member in the beginning it was; Dima5-Lead Vocal/Guitar, Arya-Bass, & Bagus-Drum, so we have a ‘rotation’ in this band which in Bagus to have a position in drum and not in vocal anymore. In middle of our band ‘journey’ in March 2011 we have put another member to make ‘color distortion’ to the band, it was Arief in the guitar, so we have two members that is played on guitar.

Mostly Tribus was covering a song from Silverchair, Foo Fighters, Daughtry, Muse, and a few song from Avenged Sevenfold, and we got some influences from those bands. But in lately, we have our song that is written by Tribus that have more influences to the alternative genre song. And now we have decided to more concentrated to our songs rather than covering from another bands, because we want to have a identity self band and grown our creativity to make another color in music industry.

Data Personil :

- Dima5 – Guitar/Lead Vocal
- Arief – Guitar/Vocal
- Arya – Gutar/Vocal
- Bagus – Drum

Data Kontak :

- http://www.facebook.com/Tribusband
- http://www.reverbnation.com/tribusband
- http://twitter.com/tribus_band
- bandtribus@gmail.com
- Phone :
    • +62817841305; Dimas
    • +6285780507260; Arya

Tribus Demo:

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