The Third Single Polyester Embassy

Polyester Embassy is an experimental-rock-electronica-progressive band from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The band was started circa 2002 by five good-friends: Elang Eby (Vocal / Guitar / Piano / Synthesizer / Sampler), Sidik Kurnia (Guitar / Piano / Synthesizer / Sampler), Givari MP (Drums / Percussion), Ekky Dharmawan (Vocal / Guitar / Piano / Synthesizer / Sampler) and Ridwan Aritomo (Vocal / Bass / Piano / Synthesizer / Sampler). Polyester Embassy gain cult following and positive critical review by music critics and fans alike after releasing their debut album, Tragicomedy, in 2006 through Fast Forwards Records, a well-known indie-label based in Bandung. This year, Polyester Embassy is ready to rock the scene with the follow up album entitled FAKE / FAKER in May 2011.

The band started out in 2001 as a cover band project, covering various range of each member favorite artist, such as Radiohead, Mansun, Metallica, Coldplay, Blur, the Beatles, Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Ride. In 2002, the band started to write their own materials and record them with minimum quality demo tape. The recordings have been circulated among close friends and the scene. Their earlier works which are favorite among fans songs such as: Tragicomedy, Senandung, She’s a Fish, Blue Flashing Lights (demo version).

The band began their stage career in 2003 by playing in a small gigs ranging from friends party, independent festivals, and house party. Since their early gigs, Polyester Embassy is known for their atmospheric sound, abrasive noise and energetic performances, from switching around the instruments, the deployment of many strange and unique instruments, bashing and trashing their instruments at the end of the set.

Between 2004 until 2005, polyester Embassy has completed the writing of materials that soon will be included in their sophomore debut album Tragicomedy. Many of the songs in the album have been played by the band live long before it’s released. Few songs being fans favorite: Orange is Yellow, Good Feeling, Faded Blur and The Pattern Start to Make Sense as Thirty Three Dialogue Bleed into One (The Pattern – for short). In 2005, the band released the song Orange is Yellow, Blue Flashing Lights, Faded Blur and Polypanicrooms on their myspace page. The song Polypanicrooms (demo version) attracted many listener and gain popularity in the underground indie scene, and awarded by Indiebandung, an independent webzine, as Song of the Year. The song Good Feeling (demo version) was featured in a compilation called “When Life Get Started”.

The Third Single Polyester Embassy

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