Teenage Monster Holiday

The first we're just gorgeus boy who tried to make a band, first Yezki, Mario, and Irene try to play metal genre, but our hope is gone, because we are controlled by someone who has a bad taste in music. There is then we call our friends and Andre Rama to play with us, and Michael so we keep playing Powerpop. Great fun but Powerpop so bored for us, so Michael was fired from the position of the guitar with a number of reasons, and Ezekiel was fired from the position of vocal and became manager of a scoundrel. So Rockib Nur Rizki join with us in the band. Powerpop We kept playing until we cry out to us who we were born for metal. So we made our first song, not by Ezekiel, and then in the second song we called Ezekiel to become more vocal we are, so now we still gorgeus, we already have two songs, but we have not recorded it yet. So we are truth Adolescent Monster Holiday, we try our best to play metal genre. So, you must be patient to wait for our new songs, if you want to see us play our songs, we recorded only, so we'll play for you hahahaahha.

The reason that we select Teenage Holiday as the name because:

  • Teenage (Because we're Teenagers)
  • Monster (For Teens act like a monster)
  • Holiday (Everyone likes our holiday so well)
Teenage Monster Holiday Are:
  • Irene Regina Sinjal (Vocal)
  • Yehezkiel Hutagalung (Vocal)
  • Rizki Nur Rokib (Guitar)
  • Thereis Love (Guitar)
  • Andreas Matthew Ramandri (Keyboard)
  • Mario Febrian Bacas (Drum)
  • Mobile: 08811585518
  • email: teemohodpk@hotmail.com
Band Demo:
  1. All You Need- Download
  2. Bitter Revange - Download
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