Summer on Sunny Day

Summer on Sunny Day - Originated from the association of peers who have similar interests and mission to create a band (15 November 20 010). Recounted here (Danis) and (Acong) out of his old band, once thought them that even make a new project with (reza) and (ryan) Acong (vocalist), who invites Danis (guitar voc 2) to create a new band, this band actually has no song and have not had time to create this group, the basist (rian) and reza (drummer) is also different personnel with (Danis) and (Acong) are still high school kids while they were college kids, Danis also felt the need guitarist, invite two (Fadhel).

Punk Rock band genre is experiencing due to the overhaul of the old personnel (reza, ryan) can not continue the mission of this band. Danis had recruited (wisnuk) to fill the bass vacancy and the (banner) on drums. After it agreed with the Acong Danis saw them that the game fits with the willingness of the band. This band takes power from the personnel not only in terms of his skills or the other. Knowledge must also be our song tingkatkaan, because our loyalty as an entertainer should be better because of it all is not for pleasure, our happiness. These all make the lovers SummerOn_official. Our hope with this new formation, we SUMMER ON SUNNY DAY acceptable among the band's indie Palembang. continue our support of local bands friend! Warm greetings from us BRAD KEEP PUNK!

We call our band and SUMMER ON SUNNY DAY!

Summer Sunny Day Are:

  • Fajar Surya Nughraha on Vocal.
  • Whisnu Perdana on Bass.
  • Fadhel Refa Ramadhan on Guitar.
  • Akhmad Dhanis Septian on Guitar.
  • Wahid Abdul Jabar on Drums.

Summer on Sunny Day Demo:

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