Steinberg Virtual Guitar

Virtual Guitarist 2 offers all the content of Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition, plus 32 brand-new styles. The new Part Editor lets you create entirely new guitar licks, riffs and grooves at will. The enhanced version also ships with a battery of new stomp box effects, amp models and workflow refinements. Virtual Guitarist 2 is the perfect rhythm guitarist, it plays both acoustic and electric guitar, offering the right riff for almost every style of music. It can play in any key, master even the most challenging chords, automatically play in time with your song's tempo, and even sync up to the drum's groove, if you wish.

Steinberg is clearly pursuing this goal – think Groove Agent, Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition and Virtual Bassist. Between these four plug-ins, Steinberg hoped to create a rhythm section strong enough to provide project studio musicians with a viable alternative to session musicians. Its latest product – Virtual Guitarist 2 – replaces both the original Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition, combining the riffs and styles from both plug-ins into a single virtual instrument with a collection of entirely new recordings.

DVD contains:
  • WIN & MAC installers
  • VG2 Content
  • Demo Songs & Content
  • Manuals, ReadMe's
More info: http://www.steinberg.net
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