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How to get Free Promotion

To promote your band on this website, first You must follow our Twitter @promosiband and like our Facebook Fan Page and then send your band profile by following this format : (Untuk mempromosikan band anda di website ini, anda diharuskan mem-follow twitter dan me-like Facebook Fan Page kami lalu kemudian silahkan kirimkan data band anda dengan mengikuti format sebagai berikut)

Sender Profile
  • Sender Name :
  • Relations with the Band :
  • Contact Person :
Band Profile
  • Band Name :
  • Music Genre :
  • Band Profile : Word Count Cannot be Less Than 350 (the band's history, achievements owned, events have been followed, and all other supporting data for promotional purposes)
  • Personel Profile : (Name, Position in the band, Contact etc.)
  • Contact : (Address, telephone, email, web, blog, etc.)
Attachment File
  • Song Demos : (At least one song for one album, in MP3 format file)
  • Music Track : (Lyrics and songwriter)
  • Band Photos : (Photos all personnel in the form of Landscape with use JPG, JPEG, PNG format file)

The above data is sent via email to : (Data tersebut diatas dikirimkan melalui email ke :

To facilitate you in sending data, please download Form Promotion Band on the following link : (Untuk mempermudah Anda dalam pengiriman Data, silahkan download Form Promosi Band pada link berikut) Download Form Promosi Band

  1. Delivery of data sent as complete as possible so the public can obtain detailed information about your band. (Pengiriman data dikirim selengkap-lengkapnya (untuk keperluan Promosi), agar masyarakat bisa memperoleh informasi yang lengkap mengenai Band anda.)
  2. The file format of data sent must be shaped file Ms. Word (.doc/.docx). (Format file data yang dikirim harus berbentuk file Ms. Word)
  3. The entitled to publish all the data has been received or vice versa, without any consequences (Pihak berhak mempublikasikan semua data yang telah diterima atau sebaliknya, tanpa ada konsekuensi apapun.)
  4. Before publication, we reserve the right to do the editing of all data has been received (Sebelum dipublikasikan, pihak berhak melakukan penyuntingan terhadap semua data yang telah diterima.)
  5. All Band are fully responsible for all data (profiles, photos, demo songs, etc.) which has been sent to us (Semua Band bertanggungjawab penuh atas semua data (profile, foto, demo lagu, dll.) yang telah dikirimkan kepada
  6. Everyone can participate to publish any content on this website by mentioning the source (, the creator of Song and Band Names when publish on every song (Semua orang bisa ikut mempublikasikan semua content yang ada di website ini dengan mengikut sertakan sumber (, mencantumkan Pencipta Lagu serta Nama group Band pada setiap lagu yang Publikasikan.)
  7. Copyright song on every song published on this website are at songwriter in each band (Hak Cipta Lagu pada setiap lagu yang di publikasikan di website ini berada pada Pencipta lagu pada masing-masing Band.)

How to get Premium Promotion

Premium Promotion is a feature that we provide for you who want to promote the band with additional facilities such as photo slideshows, video clips, and other facilities that do not exist in a free promotional features with a very low cost, only 50.000 IDR in once payment. And besides that the band will be promoted on other websites which have cooperation with us.

To get this facility you must transfer the sum of the above to the following account number: 130-00-1256210-7 - a.n GAOS FIRDAUS MUSLIM

If you've done the transfer, please confirm via email :

How to Advertisement

Bila Anda ingin memasang IKLAN di, silahkan kirimkan materi Iklannya (Link Banner beserta link tujuan) ke alamat email : dengan mencantumkan subject email “Pasang Iklan” .

Adapun kelengkapan data yang harus disertakan adalah sebagai berikut:

- Materi Iklan berupa Link Banner dengan ukuran 125×125 pixel.
- Link Tujuan.
- Data Pengirim (Nama, alamat, kontak, dll.)

Pemasangan Iklan Gratis selama 1 Bulan Penuh.

How to Review Your Product

Submit your product profile to us and we will immediately review and publish it