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Free Promotion is one of the main feature that we deliberately give for an indie band who wants to promote his band without the cost of a continental.

Let's join us and promote your Indie Band for FREE...!!!
100% FREE.

Premium Promotion

Premium Promotion Is a feature that we provide for you who want to promote the band with additional facilities :

- Personnel Band Complete Profile
- Photo Gallery
- Video Clip
- Music Playlist
- Music Demo
- etc.

Product Review

Here you can promote your product by creating your own product review to be seen and known by many people.

Promotional Events

If you have a musical event to be held, please post here and we will publish it without charge in a continental

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NuGen Audio Complete Master Edition

Monofilter is designed to provide a comprehensive interface for narrowing a stereo signal towards (or to) mono below a specified frequency. Useful for ensuring that sounds are suitable for mastering to vinyl and keeping a check on LF signals in general, especially where stereo effects processing has been applied. Can also be used in live Laptop applications to make sure you get the tightest bass. Read more


Digital Audio Editor

Digital Audio Editor is a visual audio editor and recorder software solution, which supports many advanced and powerful operations with audio data. Read more


Tunebite v7.2

Need your entertainment in the right format? Tunebite 7 can do that. All file formats for PC & mobile devices. Say goodbye to problems with copy protection!