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January 31, 201110 years ago

4 Jokers

Born in November 10th 2007 with the origin name LUCILLE and decided to change into 4JOKERS in July 2010.

The name is choosen because Joker is very unique in appearance. Also in almost card game, Joker very useful and can be turn into any card you want in poker game which is similar to our members and our band. Read more

Posted in: Rock, Top Band
Tags: band indie, indie, indie band, Listen 2 Me, Listen2Me, pop funk, promosi band
Rating: 4.2/6 (6 votes)
January 24, 201111 years ago

Listen 2 Me

Awalnya kami adalah satu komunitas Street Bmx di Tangerang, berdasarkan kesamaan hobi tepatnya hobi bermusik, akhirnya kami sepakat untuk membentuk sebuah band dengan visi dan misi yang sama yaitu sukses dalam meramaikan warna musik di Indonesia. Kami terbentuk pada tanggal 5 Maret 2005. Read more

Posted in: POP, Top Band
Tags: band indie, black star, blackstar, indie band, promosi band, rock band
Rating: 5.6/6 (5 votes)
January 19, 201111 years ago

Black Star

Black Star formed back in 1999 as a 4 piece rock band, after several face lifts, and line up changes they returned with a bang in 2006 as a 5 piece experimental-pop band. The songs have graceful melodies and unique sounds. Their songs will simply stick in your head. They have been described by some as “a cross between Radiohead and Travis”. Read more

January 19, 201111 years ago

Day After The Rain

Day After The Rain - Berbicara tentang Alam semesta sudah tentu tidak asing lagi di benak manusia sebagai mahluk penghuninya. Lahir, tumbuh dan berkembang adalah proses yang tak pernah padam seiring hembusan kehidupan di alam ini. Read more


Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever is metalcore band from Transylvania. In the late of September 2011 they merged from two already existing bands and start sharing their songs. In November the band joins Global Battle of the Bands Romania and they got to the finals. By December they released their first EP - 4 song material entitled "Whom shall I fear". Along with their EP, the first video was recorded for the song The eyes of blinded sorrow.

The release show was a success and was considered the 2'nd best release party of 2011 by Awards. Also at the same awards ceremony the band won the first place for the Best Romanian Metal Newcomer 2011 award.

By the end of March 2012 a new single was recorded along with a music video for it, followed by the first Romanian Tour. Later that year they released their first DVD that contains 2 disks: one live concert and a documentary movie. Read more




Jevo merupakan Band indie asal kota Indramayu bagian barat, tepatnya di Losarang. Band ini berdiri di awal tahun 2007. Awalnya semua personil Jevo berasal dari band yang memiliki jenis aliran musik yang berbeda, seperti; Punk, Pop, Alternative. Namun walaupun demikian, mereka semua memiliki satu kesamaan yang menyatukan mereka dalam Band Jevo yaitu mengidolakan Kurt Cobain. Hal tersebut sangat berpengaruh besar dalam musikalitas dari JEVO. Pengalaman manggung mereka cukup banyak, namun mereka mengakui tidak pernah mengikuti ajang Festival, hanya mengikuti ajang Parade atau hanya diundang untuk acara-acara Grunge Read more


Dusks Embrace

Dusks Embrace

Dusks Embrace is a Progressive metal band from Oregon. Dusks Embrace's beginnings were in 2006. I met Pat Carter, the original guitarist over craigslist, and we began jamming regularly. We tried out a few different drummers but had a hard time finding someone who would click. Eventually Abraham Velasquez and Mitch Mckee join as drummer and bassist respectively. Around this time I also met Marv Broxson and he began working with me as our vocalist. Read more



Inner Decay

Intractable stands for a diverse mixture of modern thrash- and death metal. Tremendous riffs, compelling melodies and creative drumming are combined into unrivalled songs. Drummer and lead singer Beni contributes with his particular voice to the characteristically sound of INTRACTABLE. At their live shows the band succeeds to persuade the audience with a powerful and authentic show, which blows the entire crowd away. Read more


Kado spesial tahun baru dari Bangkutaman


Bangkutaman - Band folkrock asal Yogyakarta, bangkutaman memberikan kado spesial tahun baru buat fansnya dan buat pecinta musik Indonesia dengan merilis single secara gratis. Mengambil tajuk “Langkah Baru”, lagu ini adalah karya terbaru bangkutaman sejak mereka menelurkan album Ode Buat Kota di tahun 2010.

Lagu ini ditulis vokalis Wahyu Nugroho atau biasa dipanggil Acum, dengan musik dibuat dan dikerjakan oleh bangkutaman. Tetap bernuansa folkrock, namun di lagu ini, bangkutaman menyelipkan sedikit gaya-gaya chord powerpop 70-an ke dalamnya. "Hanya 1 mililiter aja, ‘ndak banyak. Ya, nyoba-nyoba eksplorasi," kata vokalis yang umum disapa Acum tentang lagu ini. Read more


Wakil Indonesia di ajang VIMA 2013 Music Awards

VIMA 2013 Music Awards

Black Star - Tim VIMA baru saja merilis daftar nominasi akhir untuk VIMA 2013 Music Awards. VIMA 2013 dapat dianggap salah satu penghargaan musik independen paling penting di Asia Tenggara (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapura dan Brunei). Pemenangnya akan diumumkan pada malam seremoni pemberian penghargaan pada tanggal 24 Februari 2012 di The View, G Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Memasuki tahun ke-4 sejak pertama kali diselenggarakan tahun 2008, fokus tahun ini adalah memberikan ruang bagi musisi non-mainstream yang ada di kawasan Asia dan sekitarnya untuk menjadi bintang berikutnya melalui penghargaan yang layak. Platform penghargaan ini sudah berkembang dan kini meliputi para musisi indie dari 4 negara, yaitu Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapura dan Brunei. Read more


Mocca My Diary Re Issue 2002-2012

Mocca - My Diary sebuah album dari sebuah band Indiepop, Indonesia bernama Mocca, 10 tahun silam malang melintang dan juga bisa dibilang sebuah album yang mengubah dunia musik Indonesia, karena berlirik bahasa Inggris, kembali dirilis pada tahun 2012 ini dengan format design yang sama, berbentuk sebuah Diary, sesuai dengan nama albumnya “My Diary”, tahun ini kembali FFWD Records dan Mocca memutuskan untuk me re issue album tersebut, tidak ada yang baru sebenarnya dalam album yang rencana akan resmi dirilis pada hari Senin 19 November 2012 ini, album ini merupakan sebuah dedikasi dari label kepada para fans Mocca yang sekarang sudah tersebar di berbagai penjuru Indonesia bahkan dunia, Read more


MAGIX Music Maker MX

MAGIX Music Maker MX offers over 1,500 brand-new sounds and loops, plus 2,000 great sounds in the online archive - professionally produced and mixed. Combine sound building blocks to make your own music in no time at all, add studio effects or play and record instruments.

Make innovative sounds and catchy melodies even without prior skills. Your own song is only a few clicks away! Read more


Toontrack EZdrummer v1.3.1

Toontrack EZdrummer v1.3.1 is a multi-microphone drum sampler designed for musicians and producers in need of a compact, affordable, easy to handle plug-in without compromising sound quality or control. The visualized drums in the interface combine auditioning of sounds and drumkit construction. Read more


Native Instruments Balinese Gamelan

Native Instruments Balinese Gamelan - The Discovery Series returns for another cultural exploration, this time heading to Indonesia to delve into the world of the BALINESE GAMELAN. This instrument contains 2 GB of pristine samples from several of the essential instruments that make up Gamelan. Powered by the free KONTAKT 4 PLAYER (and also usable with KONTAKT), this instrument brings to life the rich and complex textures of Gamelan in its exquisitely-sampled classical form, yet also contains many features for tweaking and manipulating the sounds into new directions. Read more


Synthesis with Operator

Presented by Ableton Certified Trainer Craig McCullough, this series of tutorials not only teaches you everything you need to know to take total control of the Operator synth within Ableton Live, you'll also learn the fundamentals of synthesis too! Read more


How to Figure Out Music from Recordings for All Instrusments

How many times have you heard a great solo on a CD & wished you could play it exactly like the original? We at Musicians Workshop caused a minor revolution in 1977 when we started offering half-speed recorders especially for the purpose of figuring out licks off of records. At that time, only a few people were practicing this valuable secret. Read more


Advanced Synthesis

Delve deeply into the complex world of Advanced Synthesis and learn how to create your own evocative and evolving soundscapes, from scratch!

Our resident synthesist and electronic music performance artist, Richard Lainhart, is back with his extraordinary exploration into advanced sound synthesis. Read more


The Art and Science of Sound Recording

In the Keyfax DVD instructional series, Alan Parsons Art & Science of Sound Recording, you'll go on a journey through sound and recording starting with the basics and exploring each major aspect of professional music production - all in spectacular HD quality! This three DVD set contains more than 10 hours of original material, led by master recording engineer Alan Parsons (The Beatles, Pink Floyd) himself. Read more