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July 9, 20129 years ago


Colaars is a Indie Band that formed in Kiev, Ukraina in late 2010. They has just released a debut EP "Wood Arsenal" (2012) which contains 5 pieces of songs and is available for free downloading and listening. Personnel of this band is; Dmitry Tkach (Vocal and Guitar), Ivan Medelyan (Guitar and Backing Vocal), Chuk (Bass) and Evgeniy Vinogradsky (Drums).

Their style is defined as: indie rock/dance rock with a little bit of rhythm from the math rock. Read more

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June 5, 201110 years ago


Play-Mates is a Rock Band that formed in Jakarta, Indonesia in late 2010. Starting from the boredom of Raga Diva (bass) and Lele (keyboard) with the music that presented by the TV, they both try to form a rock band. Then Lele invite her college friends, Fara Zachman as a vocalist and Yudhisirta as drummer. And to complete the formation, Raga invites his childhood friend Balum to fill the guitar position. Read more

January 31, 201110 years ago

4 Jokers

Born in November 10th 2007 with the origin name LUCILLE and decided to change into 4JOKERS in July 2010.

The name is choosen because Joker is very unique in appearance. Also in almost card game, Joker very useful and can be turn into any card you want in poker game which is similar to our members and our band. Read more

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January 24, 201111 years ago

Listen 2 Me

Awalnya kami adalah satu komunitas Street Bmx di Tangerang, berdasarkan kesamaan hobi tepatnya hobi bermusik, akhirnya kami sepakat untuk membentuk sebuah band dengan visi dan misi yang sama yaitu sukses dalam meramaikan warna musik di Indonesia. Kami terbentuk pada tanggal 5 Maret 2005. Read more