Inner Decay

Intractable stands for a diverse mixture of modern thrash- and death metal. Tremendous riffs, compelling melodies and creative drumming are combined into unrivalled songs. Drummer and lead singer Beni contributes with his particular voice to the characteristically sound of INTRACTABLE. At their live shows the band succeeds to persuade the audience with a powerful and authentic show, which blows the entire crowd away.


In the year of 2006 Dominic Meier (Git) and Benjamin Kottmann founded INTRACTABLE in SURSEE/LU. After a while Michael Schuler (Bass) and Markus Hospenthal (Git) joined them to complete the band. In the meantime 18 Songs have been written and rehearsed. INTRACTABLE has been touring the stages of Switzerland since December 2009. From the small club shows up to bigger venues supporting such acts as: GURD, WARBRINGER; SKELLETON WITCH and many others (current set duration: 1.5h). After the release of their first self-recorded Demo CD “First Eruption” in spring 2010, the band went into the studio to record their very first album, which was released on 22.12.2012

The Album “Inner Decay”

The album “Inner Decay“ was finshed in fall 2012 and release on 22.12.2012. The album title and the cover artwork reflect the issues addressed in our lyrics. We pick up concerns of the humanity and scenarise them on a sociocritical level. It’s important for us to transmit a message to the listeners through our lyrics.

These 12 diverse and unique songs carry our unrivalled sound and vibe. We think we managed to produce a compact record despite the big diversity of the songs. Our sound appeals to a broad number of rock and metal listeners.

Intractable Are:

- Benjamin Kottmann: Drums and Vocals
- Michael Schuler: Bass
- Dominik Meier: E-Gitarre links
- Markus Hospenthal: E-Gitarre rechts


- Website: www.intractable.ch
- Facebook: www.facebook.com/intractable.official
- Youtube: www.youtube.com/intractablemetal
- Email: info@intractable.ch (General & Booking)
- Promotor: Markus Eck (promotion@metalmessage.de)
- Phone: +41 (0)79 / 124 76 63 (Benjamin), +41 (0)79 / 658 74 14 (Markus)
- Post Adress: Markus Hospenthal / Muriweid 19 / CH – 6207 Nottwil

Music Demo:

- Intractable Captured
- Intractable Thats Me
- Intractable Breaking Strength Of Mine
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