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Dusks Embrace

Dusks Embrace is a Progressive metal band from Oregon. Dusks Embrace's beginnings were in 2006. I met Pat Carter, the original guitarist over craigslist, and we began jamming regularly. We tried out a few different drummers but had a hard time finding someone who would click. Eventually Abraham Velasquez and Mitch Mckee join as drummer and bassist respectively. Around this time I also met Marv Broxson and he began working with me as our vocalist. We worked on material for around three or four months before it fell apart due to work and other constraints.

After that I ended up moving in with Marv and he and I continued. It was around late 2007 that we came up with the band name and began searching for new members again. We found Nick Decker and Jake Westgard, a new drummer and guitarist. We rehearsed for a few months to prepare for a battle of the bands. My friend Brent Reynosa decided to fill in on bass for us. On the day of the show Brent cancelled and Marv also ended up having to leave so Nick, Jake and I continued on with the show and I tried my best to do all the vocals I could remember which was a little difficult as I had never done death metal vocals before, especially while playing guitar.

Shortly after the show my lack of money forced me to move. Back in the town I grew up in, I began searching on craigslist for a new band to join as I was burnt out on trying to make Dusks work. I ended up trying out for Zero Divide as a vocalist. My audition didn't go great, but the track I sent caught their attention and as a result Josh Mendoza decided to join Dusks as a bassist. His joining the band was a turning point since he had a place where we could attempt to build a recording studio. It was during this time we began recording "Paradigm Shift."

Pat had still kept in contact, he had gone out with me to try out Mendoza even though he wasn't in the band and we hung out on occasion. In time he rejoined and Mendoza introduced us to Brandon callicot who became our full time drummer for the first time in the band. We began recording Paradigm Shift almost as soon as we had the lineup solidified. We stayed busy playing local shows and working for three months finishing the album.

We set up a show for the release of the CD on January 9th which gave us a time frame to finish it. For the next few months after the release of the album we spent pretty much all of our time adding people on myspace and playing shows. Pat and I were frequently living in the studio and writing music.

After our friends in Almost is Nothing's cd release party, Dusks Embrace fell apart again. Brandon was not keeping up with the difficulty of the songs and we felt we needed a different drummer. Pat decided he no longer enjoyed metal and left permanantly. Mendoza and I began searching for new members and found a few guys over on the other side of the state. Jake White and Dustin Jacques joined on guitar and drums respectively and we began working on the material that would become "The Twilight Enigma."

As we worked we realized the three hour distance between us was making progress very slow and began searching for members at home again. Over time Brandon made a comeback and rejoined the band. Mendoza found Joey Westerlund, a kid who had been to one of our shows. He was interested in playing guitar for us so I sent him some tabs of a few of our songs. Within a week he had learned enough to play a few shows so we began playing and finished recording our 2009 EP. Things were going good during this time. We were selling merch, had decent shows and we were getting radio play of our EP.

After a few months we began recording the beginnings of "The Twilight Enigma." During that record we were still playing shows and played Warped Tour for the first time, but I basically locked myself away for three months and tracked all the ideas I had and obsessed about mixing. There were at least forty or fifty rough draft mixes of that album. I was having intense computer problems and basically had to work for 5 minutes and then reboot and work for 5 more until I had what I wanted. It was a stress that made me

In 2011 and 2012 Dusks Embrace got put on hold for a bit. We all were still involved but we were not active. I began working on a side project called To Realms Beyond making video game covers and spent a good half of a year or more working on a full length album. While I learned a lot it was also a technological nightmare. I had projects crashing and constantly lost work or had to make work arounds. At the time of writing this I am still trying to perfect those tracks.

Joey eventually decided that he needed to work on his own project. After Almost is Nothing's reunion show he told me he had decided to leave the band. I began helping him produce tracks for his folk band. From there I decided to carry on alone. I worked out how to use computers to reamp DI tracks live so that I could basically play on my own while still having some resemblece of a unique performance live.

As of now I am working on a new album that will be released in 2013 that is tentatively titled "From Idols to Dust." I am also planning on re-recording Paradigm Shift in the near future and will be starting a new Realms album in 2013 also.

All our music is now available on iTunes, Zune, Amazon and CDBaby

More updates coming soon!!! To purchase our cds hit the links to either CdBaby or iTunes.


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