World Cup Song 2010 Competition

Youtube mengadakan lomba lagu untuk official Piala Dunia 2010...

World Cup Song 2010 is FREE to enter for anyone with an original song about the FIFA World Cup 2010 or a song for their country.

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  1. Post your song about World Cup 2010 or a song for your Country on YouTube
  2. Go to the World Cup Song 2010 Competition video, click to Add a Comment  and click on Attach a Video or directly using this link Post a Video Response ,if you have the most views when the final kicks off, then you could be the winner of the £1,000 main prize or one of the other prize categories.
  3. Drop us an email and tell us about yourself and your song with some nice pictures and we'll put it on your profile page.
  1. Only entries posted as a video response to the official "World Cup Song 2010 Competition" video on YouTube for the duration of the competition will be eligible for prizes.
  2. For a *Song to qualify for the main prize it must be *Original work and submitted with the permission of the songwriter and performers, other entries will only eligible for other prize categories subject to terms and conditions. 2a The content of videos is the entirely the responsibility of the original poster and we take no responsibility for any liability arising from its content and subsequent broadcast. 2b. "Known" song covers may be entered into the competition but only with written permission from the original artist which must be sent for verification to our administrator chris@worldcupsong.com within 14 days of posting, Covers will not qualify for the main prize category. 2c. By entering you are agreeing that the competition owners may for "promotional use" play clips of your song as part of the podcast.
  3. The song must be about the FIFA World Cup 2010 or any of the teams playing in the World Cup 2010. (If you are Scottish and want to explain about your failure, Irish and feel cheated or of any other nationalities that has failed to qualify, but want to enter a song then that's cool by us)
  4. Videos must be new or posted since May 2009, they may have been previously released songs as long as they abide by Rule #2
  5. All video responses must be enabled for embedding and comments and must remain as a video response to "World Cup 2010 Competition" on YouTube for the duration of the competition.
  6. The video with the most *views when the ball is kicked off for the World Cup Final 2010 (scheduled for 20:30 GMT 11th July 2010) will win a minimum 1st Prize of £1,000.00 6a Other prizes will be announced over the coming months and during the FIFA World Cup 2010 and will be subject to their own terms and conditions.
  7. World Cup Song Competition and its administrators have no control over YouTube views and as to how they are calculated, as such by entering this competiton you are agreeing that the legitimacy of the result is governed by the guidelines as laid out in the Google Terms of Service
  8. The competition rules are subject the change at the discretion of the sponsors in respect of fair play. If you suspect a breach of these rules you may send your evidence to our administrator, all emails will be treated confidentially and in good faith of the competiton chris@worldcupsong.com

Definitions & References *Song *Original Pertaining to the FIFA World Cup 2010 and participating nations. *YouTube Page Views View Calculations

information:  http://www.worldcupsong.com

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