Superare is a rock n roll band from Indonesia, more precisely from Bandung. This band was formed at the beginning of June 2009. In fact, all of us came from the same Junior high school. For the first time, Superare is composed by Ariex in Bass and vocal, Rino as Guitar, Jonno as Guitar and Khalid as Drum.

In Last 2010 Jonno and Rino Leave from Superare because they are busy with their own activities, so we're off in band activities. In beginning of 2011 Khalid and Ariex have idea to make a band again, and we're looking for other band person. We have hommies, his name is ijal and we look he can playing drum, and his skill is so f*cking d*mn! he look like son of a bitch!. Yes we are superare with 3 person, so Khalid now change into guitar player, Ijal is drum hitter, and ariex as bass slapper.

We are decided to invite Jonno to join our band again, because with 3 person our song is not good to hear! Finally our band is compose by 4 person, Ariex, Khalid, Ijal, and Jonno. We ussualy create a song based on a true story, lifestyle, our experience and some based on love story, because rock and roll is way to life.

Yes we are ready to hit the stage with our anthem , and make everyone dancing with listen our music.

Superare Band Demo :

Superare - Damnrectur
Superare - Fiction Monger
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