Riogloria is basically starts in the 90ties in a garage in a squatter house named gloria in olivos buenos aires, near the rio de la plata. We took the name from this still play rock in garage, but we can define us as arock band, who like to explore diferent styles.

We tour pretty succesfully in mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, and new york and many places of argentina. We  like blues, rock, (fans of iggy, lou, hank williams, and more).

As argentinians from buenos aires, we can deny the Tango, is in our music. (check-habitue-record&song) in our site.

Riogloria Are :
  1. Ulises manggini (Vocal and Guitar)
  2. Juan Rodriguez as (Guitar)
  3. Joaquin Rodriguez (Bass)
  4. Pablo Manggini (Drum)
Visit this secction to find out about upcoming events :
  • On August 7, we come with The Chinchudos in Manosanta bar, in a memorable concert. Greetings to all the people who received us in Saenz Pena, Chaco! "This s do 31 / 7, we are in" ant "Route 27 to 2600-Merlo G. 23.30 hs.
  • On Thursday June 3rd we appeared in Jack Flash Martinez. 22.30hs (Libertador 14 199).
  • On Thursday May 6 RIOGLORIA Bourg bar is present, Col We want to thank all the people, especially HOZ.
  • Friends of Chaco, we are preparing the return.
Contacting Us :
  • email : lodeulises@gmail.com
  • Site : www.riogloria.com
Albums :
  1. Rio Gloria (Nuevo)
  2. Barrio Cerrado
  3. Habitue
  4. Espacio
  5. Cero
Band Demos :
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