NuGen Audio Complete Master Edition

Monofilter is designed to provide a comprehensive interface for narrowing a stereo signal towards (or to) mono below a specified frequency. Useful for ensuring that sounds are suitable for mastering to vinyl and keeping a check on LF signals in general, especially where stereo effects processing has been applied. Can also be used in live Laptop applications to make sure you get the tightest bass.

The SEQ1 and SEQ2 Series EQs are designed to deliver transparent, scaleable, connective EQ without the phase warping and phase smearing artefacts common in traditional digital EQ, giving a clearer sound and sharper transients.

Stereoizer is a high-specification stereo image manipulation tool suitable for natural expansion, reduction and introduction of stereo width at any stage of the audio production process.

Stereoplacer is designed for direct manipulation of frequencies in the stereo image. Each of the four channels can be tuned to affect a specific frequency as with a traditional parametric EQ. Once tuned, the frequencies can be moved within the stereo field. Useful for adjusting an existing stereo signal or adding stereo depth to a mono signal. The tunable nature makes this especially suited to adjusting percussion signals.

Visualizer is a comprehensive and flexible FFT audio analyser designed to allow access to a full range of audio analysis views via a single resizable interface, using a unique intelligent window system to manage the controls and screen layout.

Changes in v1.1 - added Monofilter v4 -added Steroizer v3 - various fixes and stability improvements

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